We value collaborating and building connections with artists, organizations, and community. 


An interactive exhibition that examines past objects created by Afrodiasporic inventors and places them in dialogue with what they could be in 3022.

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In The Moment

An event hosted by Levyi-Alexander Love for the Toronto International Festival of Authors. Showcasing performances by the Black LGBTQ2S+ community.

Love Letters

Love Letters

An artistic piece that looks at the textures of love. It is speaks through pattern, text, audio, and augmented reality (AR) to detail how we come to know love.

Earthseeds: Space of the Living

A public art project developed for the first Toronto Waterfront Artist Residency. It focuses on constructing community healing spaces for people to consider the seeds they are planting in their own lives. This project is inspired by Octavia Butler’s Parable series, which conceives Earthseed as a way of life that embraces change as a universal force for growth. It includes three (3) events/installations.

Kemetic Yoga

A series of Kemetic yoga sessions tailored to the values and objectives of the Earthseeds project.


A temporary public art sculpture located at Aitken Place Park by the Toronto waterfront.


A short animated film that follows Rahyne, an Afro-Indigenous non-binary youth, as they learn from the water.
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Among Us

A short film by Paul Ohonsi that honours the significance of what Emancipation Day means to Black Canadians by exploring the essence of emancipation.

Unveiling Heroes of the Block

A project for the City of Toronto’s ArtworxTO: Year of Public Art that uncovers the lesser-known stories of African Canadian figures.

Archiving Black Futures

Making our work accessible to provide support and visibility for Canada’s Black artists in the speculative arts.

BSAM Canada #ItsAllRightNow

A curated extension of The Bentway’s #ItsAllRightNow campaign. Through the lens of nine talented Toronto-based
Black and Afro-Indigenous creators, this collaboration aimed to highlight that there are visions being planted for a better future.