IN THE MOMENT is an event hosted by the ever charismatic, Toronto-born artist named Levyi-Alexander J. Love. This event seeks to create a space for Black LGBTQ2S+ folks and our allies to be free. It will focus on highlighting the vibrant and expressive vocals and rhymes of three (3) artists that identify as belonging to the Black LGBTQ2S+ community.

This performance be shown during the Festival of Authors event on October 26th, 2021. It will give the audience an intimate live show experience.


D'Andrew Ricketts-Dunn

D’Andrew is a happily married child and youth worker and poet who identifies as a transmale. He often uses poetry as healing tool to reflect and manifest. Poetry is a way for him to not only cope but be able to share his lived experiences with those who are in similar situations. D’Andrew is inspired to create space where there was never space before to let the identity of LGBTQ youth, especially those who identify as Trans, be seen, heard, and validated.


Markus Aurelyus is a singer/songwriter based in Scarborough, ON with a unique R&B vocal style that’s influenced by Gospel, Soul, Pop and Hip-Hop. Markus has performed on stage with artists like Jully Black, DVSN and recorded with Serena Ryder, as well as many local artists such as, Quincy Morales and Katasha J. Whether singing his latest single “Carnival” on stage or for background for artists around the city, this singers’ energy and presence on stage are hard to ignore.

Levyi-Alexander J. Love

Levyi-Alexander J. Love is an artist born in Toronto, ON. His passion for music and poetry really comes from a deep need to be seen, heard and understood by an entity that can hold him as he evolves and searches for himself, through himself. Levyi is a mostly self-taught singer/songwriter and poet who creates art that promotes people to connect and feel all their feelings as they come; you can say his art gives people permission to be.

The Band

The talented musicians that are a part of In The Moment.

About the company


Take a peek at the artists gearing up for the showcase.

The whole idea behind In The Moment is really just to capture artists in their element, doing what it is that they love, doing something that is true to them.

Levyi-Alexander J. Love

Learn more about In The Moment by reading the artist interview with Levyi.


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