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Swing by The Gallery at 110 Bond St. and visit SHIFTING SOIL, an exhibition by Oddside Arts presented by The Design Fabrication Zone.

Gallery Hours: Tuesdays – Thursdays from 12:00PM – 4:00PM, Open Feb. 22 to Feb. 29

SHIFTING SOIL builds from Beyond the Soil, a new media project by Oddside Arts inspired by African quilting practices to explore textiles and patterns as modes of communicating creation stories i.e., the way we come to be based on our storied histories of movement, discovery, and reflections on how we cultivate community. 

This exhibit is the result of a workshop that engaged participants through a practice of meaning-making using visual patterns and narratives to explore how they construct their own creation stories within the context of re-discovery and communal resilience.

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View the exhibit from February 22 to February 29 at 110 Bond St in the Gallery from 12 PM – 4PM