Artist: Tracey Prehay

A black and white repeat pattern inspired by the Jamaican flag is striking and symbolic. This pattern typically features alternating black and white horizontal stripes, mirroring the flag’s bold black and green diagonal cross, which divides the background into four triangles. The contrast between black and white reflects the nation’s diversity and the resilience of its people, while the dynamic geometry pays homage to Jamaica’s vibrant culture and stunning natural landscapes. Whether on clothing, decor, or accessories, this pattern celebrates Jamaica’s rich heritage and its iconic flag’s enduring significance.

Use the Artivive App to view the augmented reality (AR) on the pattern.

About the Artist

Tracey Prehay

Tracey Prehay-Onakoya is a Toronto cultural producer, artist, curator, and artist. Prehay-Onakoya graduated with an Associate in Visual Arts from OCADU. They continued their studies at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI, ArtEZ Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten), where they completed an MFA. Additionally, they earned a Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration and Cultural Management from Humber College. As a visual artist, her work explores personal/cultural memory by creating publicly engaged projects and workshops. As an experienced art professional, she has an extensive background in organizing administration processes, programming, and supporting programs and events for regional, national and international artists. I am passionate about promoting Artists across all mediums and supporting the visibility of Arts and Culture in Toronto.