A Wild Arrival

Artist: The Wild Woman

She came from the sky
The Wild Woman
Impacting the earth with the footprint she left.
She came from the water
The Wild Woman
Gliding as if her feet only knew stability on the rocking and rolling.
She came from the fire
The Wild Woman
Scorching the ground where she burst from.
She came from trees
The Wild Woman
Medicine for the soul she was.

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About the Artist

The Wild Woman

The Wild Woman, is a Jamaican-born creator rooted deeply in her intersections as Black, woman, and queer, to harness purpose and use poetry, spirituality, and sensual self-introspection to challenge thoughts and ideals, instigating waves of change. With a career spanning over a decade, The Wild Woman is an award-winning spoken word artist, poet, author, educator, and workshop facilitator. She is also an event producer, host, speaker, and curator.