Artist: Queen Kukoyi

Broken Strength
Painful joy
Reluctant Eagerness
Submissive Resistance

I am Melanin and magic
Not a Brown paper bag test

Filled with the moon light, earth, Oshun’s water, Wombs birth

This is the story of my ancestors
Birthed in blood
My blood
Resilient blood…

I will never falter
The universe chose me,
Meditation and Jazz beats at my ancestral altar

A refusal of silence
You see my black skin

This is my celebration

What you see is feminine
But it’s only one expression
My gender is fluid
my body is not up for discussion…

I’m a mother and I am queer
I am a revolution
+ more + more + more than your presumptions

Use the Artivive App to view the augmented reality (AR) on the pattern.

About the Artist

Queen Kukoyi

Award winning Multidisciplinary Creative Technology Artist, whose practice encompasses Queer theory in a Meta-analytical Afrofuturistic convergence of art and technology, mindfulness, sound, and Noetic sciences.