Moons and Waves

Artist: O. Shae

I feel so much peace basking in the serenity of Scarborough’s waterfront, and watching the waves caress or crash against the rocks at Scarborough Bluffs or Port Union’s waterfront. I grew up able to access and embrace nature in Scarborough’s suburbs, and that influenced part of how I relate to the land and lakes. To embrace fluidity, and holistic systems. To find moments of meditation by thinking about the beautiful waves of the lake.

The symbols in this design are simple and repeating, like waves in steady motion. There are moons going through phases in between the waves, showing the connection to the moon and tides. These different phases represent that I value varied and nuanced perspectives (and Scarborough is full of variety and diversity), and the waves represent Scarborough’s lakefront, as well as my embrace of fluidity, and communication frequencies (i.e., radio waves). I feel that Scarborough is alive, and as we shape our environment, our environment shapes us. We have long been communicating and advocating for Scarborough here, and I feel that we receiving more and more recognition from other parts of the city, (although there is still some ways to go with regards to resource accessibility), and we are communicating the local pride in our home, communities, and local green spaces.

Use the Artivive App to view the augmented reality (AR) on the pattern.

About the Artist


O. Shae was born and raised in Scarborough's North Side. She is of Jamaican descent, and an MA student at the University of Toronto.