A Light Connection

Artist: Gerda Creates

My pattern created are to represent the important parts of who I am as a person. I’ve identified key symbols that connect to my culture while intertwining them with things that make me unique, as a Ghanaian my culture is rooted very deep within me and molds the way I interpret life, I’ve used the kente fabric textile to represent that. I express the free spirited girl that still connects with her inner child with depictions of flowers. My lips were something I was bullied about as a child which have contributed to development of the artist I am today. My faith and family are major pillars in my life I’ve connected that through Ghanaian adinkra symbolism.

Use the Artivive App to view the augmented reality (AR) on the pattern.

About the Artist

Gerda Creates

Growing up as a young dark skinned girl from Ghana, Gerda was often bullied because of the complexion of her skin and other physical attributes that were not society's depiction of beauty. These experiences have motivated her to create art that is meant to focus on the beauty in one’s so-called “flaws”. She does through many different mediums.

Gerda graduated from OCAD University with a Bachelors in design. Determined to be a an entrepreneur, Gerda amalgamated her design degree and her illustrative skills to start her own art brand. It became her mission to move the conversation of representation for women of colour, minorities, disabled, and Indigenous women forward by designing creative concepts, through illustrations and practical art showing that the idea of beauty is way more than skin deep. Gerda hopes to motivate people to look at themselves as art, and inspire them to truly love themselves from the inside out! She hopes to give back in a meaningful way by uplifting those who have been deemed as “flawed” and contributing to a more inclusive art space.