In Flux

Artist: Meighan Morson

I think of myself as having two homes: as the palace of my birth and the place of my upbringing is not synonymous. Canada, and Trinidad and Tobago — A significant amount of my life has been spent travelling between both places, experiencing, relishing and immersing myself in two distinct cultures. This is why I find myself constantly in flux, as I feel my life’s trajectory change as I travel. I consider this phenomenon a very integral part of shaping me into the person I am today. As a result of this experience — an experience I believe is highly relatable to members of the diaspora— I have come to place high value in the life skills of adaptability and resilience.

Use the Artivive App to view the augmented reality (AR) on the pattern.

About the Artist

Meighan Morson

Meighan Morson is an artist/animator whose work explores concepts of identity, polarity, fantasy/fiction, human consciousness and mental health. Though born in Toronto, Canada, she grew up in the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. She has completed a BFA Drawing and Painting, with a specialization in Digital Painting and Expanded Animation at OCAD University. Her preferred medium is digital painting, however she also works in acrylic paint, charcoal and graphite pencil. From childhood, she has always had a love for science fiction and comics. As a result, her work mainly revolves around the idea of imagining and broadening horizons for the African diaspora, using fantasy, futuristic and sci-fi themes with black protagonists. She is inspired by many things: current events, personal experiences, nature, dreams, Caribbean folklore, and her Afro-Caribbean heritage.