History Repeats Itself

Artist: Nay Unapologetic

My most authentic self emerges amidst the transformative act of creation. Within this tapestry of expression, I present a tangible fragment—an intricately crafted sweater. Its inception sprouted from reflections on the profound storytelling nature of textile art. These timeless patterns, echoing through the corridors of history, seamlessly interweave with our modern lives. In an elegant tribute to yesteryears, it stands as a beacon of relevance, guiding us through the uncharted waters of the future.

Use the Artivive App to view the augmented reality (AR) on the pattern.

About the Artist

Nay Unapologetic

Nay Unapologetic is a multifaceted artist, blending activism, writing, performance, community education, futurism, and textile design into a vibrant tapestry of creative expression. Nay's artistic journey was nurtured at the renowned Watah Theater during the Black Box Season, where they honed their craft under the mentorship of the esteemed actor and creator, d'bi young anitafrika. With an unwavering commitment to community, Nay found their purpose within the Sherbourne Health Center's Supporting Our Youth (SOY) initiative. Here, they became an integral part of the Human Equity Access Team, acquiring invaluable experience in addressing LGBTQ+ issues within diverse communities. Beyond their artistic and LGBTQ+ advocacy roles, Nay is a dedicated educator and facilitator at Freedom School Toronto. Through this program, they passionately champion the rights and advancement of Black students within the educational landscape. At the core of Nay's being lies an unshakable dedication to effecting positive change, not only within their immediate communities but also on a global scale. With an unapologetic spirit, Nay Unapologetic continues to be a driving force for transformation and empowerment.